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Tea with hibi?
Wanna hear a little ramble as i do now and again?

I'm getting a bit of an obsession with my lovely baby again! LILITH!
I just love her! ❤
I was gonna do more stuff with her but...
Of cause CEZ is a thing and i have some REALLLY HUUUUGE BIG BIG FRICKIN ONCE IN A HIBITIME opportunities to do so I need to prioritise...
Just stuff you guys don't need to know hehe
But! Just because i don't post my art doesn't mean I'm not making it I just don't feel like posting and...
Lilith is more of a sweet, expressive, very personal non canon FC, than a more publicly displayed character with their own graphic novel etcc!!
Just to clarify once again, she's not part of CEZ, just a fan character that we all love dearly.
But let me tell you that I'm still here and I'm just doing other things/lost interest in DA
BUT!!! I still make art and i don't need to constantly ramble on the internet about all my art lol, you know its there! They are here, my characters and loves! Just hanging with me :D
Oh and 2017 i also took a stand to say, no more bad things to happen to me on DA, I will of cause tell people important news that I may have been involved in and certain lessons/injustices because i love ranting haha and also people need to learn not everything goes right? And venting is good, i recommend it, i do.
Growl at people XD
No but really,
what I'm saying here is I know a little blah blah happened in the last year and I'm not going into it but on here I've been bullied real and had so much misunderstanding/lies hate journals and arguments wrote about me but of cause I stay strong and have no regrets because you know, I always say every incident makes one stronger and it really does.
You smile and stay positive and live another day and say "hey I'm still here, so fuck these random dudes on the internet who gives a sausage if they hate my art imma keep drawing bwaha
Btw i don't read most of the hate, i occasionally come across it but I never bother reading it. I have other things to do like writing rambles eheh wtc XD
And just continue with what you do, all the best people get hate, its only natural that someone feels attracted to pick on things they don't understand, you see?
That's my advice to all those who in real life, or online are feeling attacked, I say just block them and move on and forget about it, which is why I think I will do that more instead of confronting people who obviously are ignorant.
I'm just difficult, I'm hot to handle.
Only the naughtiest and best can see the nice side of hibi
ehehe ❤❤
I usually don't rant that much but when i do I do it to the max!!! XD
Anyone who is my friend, show anyone who misunderstands you that you don't care about their crap!
Be who you wish to be, the internet is the best place to express yourselves! Do it well!

Now! My course? Well, I'm not saying because I wish to keep my internet personna private however i have a few complaints but its pretty decent standard. Apart from the fact they severly lack in digital art and several other things including how FRICKIN SPICY all the food is, good lord.
But I'll give it that its far better than the terribly substandard "education" i was previously getting.
I was practically self taught.
But I've met some shits and some sweeties on my course, life, like everything is a box of chocolates
Jk more like a box of trash with a couple of gems in the pile.
Wouldn't you agree?
But even if it can be dull, i still have some faith that with hard work I can truly get to my goals...
I'm so secretive of them
And you can to, can't you?

Anyways! I'm turning sweet seventeen on the 8th, so mark it in your calenders!
I expect

Well maybe not THAT much
But... It wouldn't hurt to have all my watchers pitch in a massive celebration for me...
Hehe. ;3
Hibi out
chu chu xoxo
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Hibiscus-Lime Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Student General Artist
On another note i would LOVE to see more arty of my characters.
Do offer to do some!
I could even slip in a few points if you wish
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