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Oh and I have had a couple of POPULAR mmd users get offended by this journal, actually.
Honestly, I'm sorry but if my mildly snarky and inoffensive humor upsets you then the internet probably isn't the place for you.
Its literally just a guideline as I already say because at one point I actually tried to prevent theft and have peace in the mmdc (but I don't put time into where I ain't appreciated. Plus its a lost cause I just use mmd bc its fun and stick around for the cool people - which do exist ^^ )
If you don't like it then suck it up my friend, this ain't no joke and has helped a lot of people and I still find everything to be valid here!
Also at the people who I have never met judging me from this one journal - be my guest - it just shows how shallow you are.
Anyways I think I explained how I felt before in the comments below and my other journals so now I wash my hands of it, take this guide as you will and I hope you use it to make the mmdc a better place.
Anyways- I stick by what I said and I am so glad people are still looking at my help and making mmdc a better place ^^

EDIT: I've seen people do "limited downloads" which tbh is a terrible idea. Not only are you making it a ridiculously short amount of time to download the thing before you delete the download (why is this by the way? What's the point behind this? Screen download is a far better option) you're going to make people want the motion even more and have people get it illegally therefore "stealing" your stuff even more.
This is almost as bad as the "FRIENDZ ONLI!!!!11!" method because believe it or not, not everyone has the time to be on their computer 24/7 frantically downloading stuff before it goes down forever.
I don't live on mmd and sometimes i go into my DL playlist on youtube and stuff is taken down without it even saying its a limited download and this annoys me even more.
Sorry for the rant! I just think there is a better option so please read on thanks :)

Or you could always read on for how to do the screen method...

These are my thoughts and a guide!,Danisnotonfire 1 

they may not be 100 percent ultra fail proof but bare in mind I've been into mmd since I was about 11 (late 2011 that is)
Obviously within that time i have witnessed various forms of theft, and being very much against any form of art theft myself I decided to give some simple advice and I will continue to show people this who complain about their work being stolen:
This isn't supposed to cause drama, I don't see how it possibly could but if people whine about "AW I WANNA STEAL BOOHOO" then I will block you. Danisnotonfire 10 
If you make videos, watermark them. Danisnotonfire 12 
It doesn't have to be like a massive huge tacky thing, just something that will make it seem big enough to be noticed, so even if some dumb person steals your video people will know its from you, even if said dumbperson tries and cover it up/crop it that will only arise more suspicion from the mmd cops and most people with that low mentality generally aren't intelligent enough to remove watermarks in the first place. Danisnotonfire 19 
However I digress,

If your motion/model/something you create and give out is being stolen then here's something you might not have thought of that's worth a go:
instead of whining "UGH THIS DOWNLOAD STUFF IZ 4 FRIENDZ ONLY >:(((" That makes you look, a little... well... excluding of people who may like you and your work and you don't notice/you only talk to big mmd people/ WELL KINDA BIG HEADED DON'T YOU THINK? Danisnotonfire 17 
I mean I understand that any friends are the best and most valued and trusted! I Myself crave mutual attention, who doesn't?
But there's many people who may try and talk to you but you overlooked (I'm not saying its you but what bothers me is how these people, from personal experience i call them "mmd snobs " lol They kinda just talk to the "best" mmd people and exclude beginners which i honestly think is really rude. these people do exist and we all were beginners once, so if you are one of these people? stop this petty mentality.)

 Danisnotonfire 9 
you get my point, If you want to do friends only downloads, then be my guest, after all you made the content and you have every right to control what happens with it, i understand. BUT if you want a way fairer option but NOT a public download (because lets face it, people break rules either because they are incompetent or don't care - often both.)
then try this.

I call it "screen download"

A screen download would be you had something advertised eg:  A GORILLAZ MODEL PACK (in my god damn dreams, come on modellers - step up your game...) (gorillaz) Russel's Thoughts Lilith icon reupload Gorillaz Noodle Emoticon GIF Gorillaz 2doc 
now, you have this motion/model/potato/whatever the heck advertised on any website youtube/DA/

(yeah on another note we need more phan mmd downloads man... I AM THE ONE WHO DID THE FIRST EVER MMD TATINOF VID EVERYONE ELSE JUST COPIED ME! JKJk... xD) Phan 1 Danisnotonfire 18 Phan Emotes (Dan/Phil or both): falling for you AmazingPhil 12 

you would put in the description "screen download ONLY"
and if someone asks "EH M8 WTF IS A SCREEN DOWNLOAD" direct them to this article, because you love me. :^) AmazingPhil 8 
so when the person asks for the download, you would SCREEN their accounts -
check for credits in their previous mmd works, that they haven't got lazy and said

"um motion belonz 2 motion person or somethin idk i got no time 2 chek i gottago  poop n make moar mikoo hatsone ememdee vids lolzor XD" Phan Emotes (Dan/Phil or both): Nooooooo 
(okay sometimes i forget stuff especially if its in Japanese, but if they are lazy all the time then say no)
what i'm trying to say is the screen method should be to have someone show a steady record and proof of crediting and obeying rules/not distributing.
if they pass this criteria, then give. Calming cat 
its as simple as that and i honestly don't know why more people don't use this method.Danisnotonfire 13 
and you might complain its tedious, but if you can write massive copyright/ranty/stalky the theives stuff i SEE EVERYWHERE after someone steals your stuff from public dl, then i'm pretty damn sure you can check someone's profile. (PLUS OKAY, YOU MIGHT FIND A COOL NEW PERSON TO BEFRIEND FROM LOOKING AT THEIR STUFF???) AmazingPhil 1 
I think its a win/win situation. Don't worry about beginners because honestly there is a crap ton of public dl stuff out there.
so I conclude my great "help 4 mmders" post by saying-
yes it would be nice if everything was public dl. but unfortunately as long as stupid people on the internet exist, then you have to take precautionary measures. Danisnotonfire 7 
And i know what i'm talking about, my "2d is Blue video" got stolen and put on a shitty spanish gorillaz facebook page and ridiculed. hence, why i began watermarking. Danisnotonfire 4 
Its just something I think needs to be done, good, rule abiding mmders are seeing their fave creators and content get deleted forever because of these lazy imbeciles and I think its about time the mmd community takes the initiative and encourages people to express themselves but also feel safe. Danisnotonfire 3 

now i hope you rad this all and i see less "thief" drama after this and more happy mmd stuff :) AmazingPhil 10 
Because the bottom line is mmd exists to have YOUR creations you worked hard on shared with the world and not stolen from you <3
Phan Emotes (Dan/Phil or both): llama make out 

Hibi out-
chu chu!! xoxo

AmazingPhil 3 
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Sara-MMDLyokoFan1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
no problem, because i knew it important to credit in a community on app called MMD animo also have that rule as well and haters just got to deal with it and not cry about it.  and that idea is a good idea as well.
Sara-MMDLyokoFan1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
yes it does thank you very much Bendy Icon (F2U!) 
Hibiscus-Lime Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Haha thank you!
I've had so much hate for this journal too actually, from those "mmd snobs" its crazy.
But its great people are considering this method and i still fully support it :D
Hibiscus-Lime Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Student General Artist
And phil! Don't forget Philly!
HeartOfFairyFloss Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yesh!! Philly is there too! (It wouldn't be the same if it was just Dan :'3 )
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